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Duke Nukem

(aka. Duke Nukum)

Duke Nukem (a.k.a. Duke Nukum)
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Ahh, where to begin? The game that brought 80's and 90's classic action movie cliches to PC's as a nifty platformer. The game joins us with our hero Duke Nukem in his epic battle to stop Dr. Proton from taking over the world.

The game is presented to us in glorious EGA 320×200 graphics with 16 psychedelic colors. The sound is equally perfect, with PC-speaker sounds designed to mimic real arcade games that will make your ears bleed and then scream for more.

System Requirements

CPU equivalent
Graphics adapter
Memory 512 kbytes
Hard disk space 900 kbytes

Downloads Duke Nukum Version 2.0 Shareware Episode - BBS & Online Version

Cheat codes

Pressing [backspace] [pgdn] at the same time will give you all keys and full gun power. This can be used in either the shareware or registered version of the game.

Debug Mode

To activate, start up the game with “asp” as a command line parameter. (It must be in lower case).

First start game with the command:
C:\DUKE\DN1 asp

Starting the game this way will activate the following key combinations inside the game. All keys in each combination must be pressed simultaneously.

  • [G] [O] [D] - Full health & all items
  • [G] [O] [W] - Takes you to the next level. You need to keep using it to progress through the levels.

Gameplay footage - Press Play to view!

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