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Installing PC DOS games on ORIGINAL hardware

If you want to play these games on your old PC, you will need the following:

New computers don't come with disk drives. This is a pity, but you could consider buying one off eBay. They are pretty cheap.

Installation steps

  • Download the file and save the file to a diskette (Computer\Floppy disk drive (A:))
  • Boot your old computer and insert the diskette in it's drive.
  • Create a directory for the program and copy the file there.
  • Unzip the file.
  • Find out which executable runs the game and run it


You should have booted up your old computer, and see the


-prompt. If you do not see this prompt, you may be running Windows. You must shut down Windows to enter pure MS-DOS. If you are running Windows 3.x, just close the Program Manager. If you are running Windows 95 or 98, click on Start –> Shut Down –> Restart in MS-DOS mode

In this example we have downloaded Duke Nukem in a compressed archive (ZIP file format) copied it to a floppy disk. Now we are about to install it on the computer. To copy the file form the diskette onto your hard-drive:

First make a directory for the game:

C:\>md duke
C:\>cd duke

Now copy the file to C:

C:\DUKE>copy a:\ c:
        1 file(s) copied

We will now proceed to unzip the archive


After the process is done, you can see what the directory contains by typing:


If you want to only see the files you can run, type:

C:\DUKE>dir *.exe

Volume in drive C is MS-DOS_6
Volume Serial Number is 4647-9F76
Directory of C:\DUKE

DN1     EXE        54,688 11-01-91   2:00p
       4 file(s)123      54,688 bytes
                      6,856,704 bytes free


We can see here, that the only program that can be run DN1.



to start the game!

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