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Using the Internet with legacy web browsers today

Not many websites work with older (pre-2000) web browsers. So I went ahead and compiled a list of websites that work. I also made a easily-accessible gateway website to access archived copies of a selection of great websites that you can browse with your retro machine.

If you would like to see archived web pages as they appeared on a certain year, you can use something like However isn't directly compatible with old web browsers, so you can use the gateway site to easily open up old web sites with retro hardware. Open up with any legacy web browser!

Current websites that are known to work

Address Compatibility Description 50 % Google Search. If visiting with Netscape, turn Javascript off or it will crash the browser. The website will look partly mangled. 100 % Website for Dark Corner BBS. Includes various hard-to-find downloads from the Dark Corner BBS. 100 % Finnish University Network File Archive operating since 1991. 1) 100 % FUNET msdos games section downloads. 100 % Linux 0.01 files. Release notes 100 % Very first website created by Tim Berners-Lee 2) 100 % Metropoli BBS File section 100 % Classic PC Games Archive

Mirrors Reconstructed Winsite homepage 1996-1997 Gateway

To access pages stored at using an old web browser, visit with any legacy web browser!


If you know of websites that will work with a pre-2000 web browser, feel free to send your suggestion through the contact me -link on the main page. Thanks!

Linux was released to the world from this website. It is still maintained, and works with legacy web browsers.
Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. The site was down for a couple of years. It was recently resurrected.
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