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Guides and Tutorials

I have written a few guides on working with DOS PC's, and upgrading retro computing devices. Some guides have several parts.

Retro Computing

Toshiba T-series support Support page for Toshiba T-series laptops (such as Toshiba T3200SX, T3100, etc.)
CD-ROM emulation for DOS games This short guide explains how to make CD-ROM titles work without a CD.
Perfect Text Mode in VGA Ever wondered if there was a way to improve the display of ANSI graphics in VGA? This guide takes a look at EGA text modes.
Turn your Raspberry Pi into a Modem Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Serial Dial-up Modem to connect to ethernet or the Internet
ProtoWeb - the 90's Internet Service Provider Connect your retro computer and surf the Internet like it's 1995.
Running Classic Web Browsers Run Classic Web Browsers on Modern Hardware and Windows 10!

About this site

Resources on this site are provided as-is. I do not guarantee that the information is accurate and/or that the software will work as expected in your case. As such, I cannot be held responsible or liable for any damage(s) caused either directly or indirectly by using any resources or information on this site. That said, I've made every effort to make sure the information and resources provided on this site are as accurate as possible.

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