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The Unofficial Toshiba T-series Support Page

A dedicated support site for the Toshiba portable computer user community.

The Toshiba T-series portable workstations were powerful for their time. The rugged computers were built to be carried around. One of the main design goals of Toshiba was to make the computer a full desktop replacement, focusing on expandability, adding such features as a full quality keyboard, bright sharp screen, and a fast processor to do complex tasks such as working with spreadsheets and databases. As a testament to the build quality, the majority of the computers survive to this day.

These computers are slowly becoming rare. However, their build quality, attractive orange plasma screen, full size keyboard and all-in-one portability are making this computer a collector's item of sorts. I figured, that rather than allowing this computer to fade to relative obscurity, it would be appropriate to build a support site preserving information, utilities and documentation for the use community to peruse. My only mission is to support these computers because I firmly believe that they form one of the milestones of computing history.

Toshiba T3xxx family

Click on the appropriate model number to view pictures, specifications, documentation, programs, etc.

Toshiba T31xx

Toshiba T32xx

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