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These pages are left for archive purposes only.


ProtoWeb is an online service that allows users of vintage computers to browse classic web sites. It is the easiest way to browse the Internet as it appeared in it's early days.

  • Hundreds of classic web sites, and more are being added daily. Pages are reconstructed for historical accuracy.
  • Wide variety of vintage computers and operating systems supported.
  • Service made available through standard web proxy technologies, which is supported in almost every web browser.
  • Access to thousands of file downloads that are no longer available on the Internet.
  • Search the wide archive using period correct historical search engines and discover new web sites.
  • Access and browse restored FTP (File Transfer Protocol) archives.

Some of the sites available through ProtoWeb

For an idea of what websites you can access currently, we've compiled a short list of domains that have been restored to full functionality:

  • 3D Realms (
  • Capcom (
  • Compaq (
  • (
  • Epic MegaGames (
  • HappyPuppy Games (
  • Psygnosis (
  • Yahoo (
  •,,,,, etc.
  • To view the full list of accessible websites, please connect to ProtoWeb and visit

Supported web browsers

Our service uses HTTP proxies. It is widely supported feature in many web browsers. Due to the standard nature of this technology, our services have been tested to work with a wide variety of browsers.

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