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Protonet Team

Oliver Molini Zelet Project founder, Developer
Chris Wallace chrisintegrate Developer
Joona Eskelinen Mr.Scienceman2000 Administrator, Discussion Moderator, Software Tester
Vili Nyström Nyyss0nen Software Tester
Billy Stoughton II lordnt Discussion Moderator, Software Tester
Ben Molini disl UX Designer Website
Contributors Contributors

You can participate in the project in many different ways. You can join our discussion channels and talk directly with developers. You may also join as a participating member to volunteer development, and contribute in website and restoration efforts. Join the discussion, show your personal revelations, inform development and help us make Protonet better!

Join us on Facebook

Join the discussion on Facebook! We now have a Facebook group called Protonet User Group at

Join us on Discord

Our Discord channel can be found at We have channels for general discussion, bug reports, site suggestions, site contributions and tech support! Please join in.

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