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Diagnostics and supplemental diskette R3CE0 for MS-DOS 3.30

Diagnostics and BIOS setup programs for the following Toshiba portable computers

  • Toshiba T1000 series
  • Toshiba T1100 PLUS
  • Toshiba T1200 series
  • Toshiba T1600 series
  • Toshiba T2000SX
  • Toshiba T2200SX
  • Toshiba T3100 series
  • Toshiba T3200 series
  • Toshiba T4400SX
  • Toshiba T5100 series
  • Toshiba T5200 series
  • Toshiba T8500 series
               Toshiba Diagnostics and Supplemental Disk
                           Files and Utilities
   The Diagnostics and Supplemental disk contains programs to configure
Toshiba computers with setup information and to test the hardware. It also
contains files and utilities that allow you to get the most from your 
Toshiba computer. 
   If you have not already done so, place this disk into floppy drive A:
and restart your computer by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL.  This will activate the
Toshiba ACCESS utility.
   ACCESS allows you to install utility programs and files, view README files,
configure your hardware, and run diagnostics.
   The table below gives the names of the programs and files for each model.
    Function      Program Name   Toshiba Computer Model(s)
    Setup and     TEST.EXE       T1100 PLUS
    Diagnostics   TEST1.EXE      T1000 Series, T1200 Series, T1600
                  SETUP1.EXE     T1000 Series, T1200 Series, T1600
                  TEST3.EXE      T3100 Series, T3200 Series, T2000 Series,
                                 T2200SX, T4400SX, T5100, T5200 Series
                  TEST8.BAT      T8500 (Includes TEST8LM.EXE, SCSIDRVS.COM,
                                        CACHE.OVL and SCSI.OVL)
    Set Screen    CHAD.COM       T1000 Series, T1100 PLUS, T1200 Series,
    Attributes                   T3100, T3100e
                  XCHAD.EXE      T3200, T5100
                  GSM.EXE        T1600
                  VCHAD.EXE      T2000 Series, T2200SX, T3100SX, T3200SX, 
                                 T4400SX, T5200 Series
                  DSGSM.EXE      All models except T1100, T3200SXC, T8500
                                 and the T1600 when setup for CGA display mode
                                 (works on T1600 if setup for normal EGA
                                 display mode).
                  WIN3.CLR       T5200C
                  FS.CLR         T5200C
    Other         EGA32CPY.SYS   T3200
   Refer to your User's Manual and other documentation files on this disk
(those with a "TXT" file name extension) for more detailed descriptions of
the operation of these programs.

Download Diagnostics and supplemental diskette
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