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Diagnostics and supplemental diskette R3CE0 for MS-DOS 3.30

Diagnostics and BIOS setup programs for the following Toshiba portable computers

  • Toshiba T1000 series
  • Toshiba T1100 PLUS
  • Toshiba T1200 series
  • Toshiba T1600 series
  • Toshiba T2000SX
  • Toshiba T3100 series
  • Toshiba T3200 series
  • Toshiba T5100 series
  • Toshiba T5200 series
  • Toshiba T8500 series
   The diagnostics and supplemental diskette (R3CE0) contains programs to 
configure Toshiba computers with setup information and to test the hardware.
It also contains programs to set screen attributes in software applications. 
   The table below gives the names of the programs for each model.
    Function      Program Name   Toshiba Computer Model(s)
    Set up and    TEST           T1100 PLUS
    Diagnostics   TEST1, SETUP1  T1000 Series, T1200 Series, T1600
                  TEST3          T3100 Series, T3200 Series, T5100, T5200
                  TEST8          T8500
                  (Includes TEST8LM.EXE, SCSIDRVS.COM, CACHE.OVL and SCSI.OVL) 
    Set Screen    CHAD           T1000 Series, T1100 PLUS, T1200 Series
    				 T3100, T3100e
    Attributes    XCHAD          T3200, T5100
                  GSM            T1600
		  VCHAD          T2000SX, T3100SX, T3200SX, T5200
   Refer to your User's Manual for more detailed descriptions of the
operation of these programs.

Download Diagnostics and supplemental diskette
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